¡Consumé! EP

by Keith Beneath

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released September 1, 2012




Keith Beneath San Francisco, California

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Track Name: I Slept in Her Bed
(Insanity ensues)
Track Name: Give Me a Song (And I'll Sing it)
Give me a song and I'll sing it
And if I can't sing it I'll wing it
And if I can't wing it I'll fling it
Into a pile of burning trash

Show me an ad and I'll buy it
and if I can't buy it I'll try it
and if I can't try it I'll pry it
From your cold dead and rotting hands

Give me some cash and I'll earn it
and if I can't earn it I'll spurn it
and if I can't spurn it I'll burn it
Until it gives me a horrible rash

Cause I meant from the start
I would follow my heart
and if only my art
was plain and simple
instead of complex
and always a mess
i have to confess
it gives me pimples
and lots of stress, and duress

Give me a drug and I'll use it
And if I can't use it I'll lose it
And if I can't lose it I'll abuse it
Until I'm scratching my eye balls out

give me a part and i'll take it
and if i can't take it i'll fake it
and if i can't fake it i'll make it
all the way up to madison ave

cause the point of my song
is that we all sing a long
take a hit from the bong
and just relax now
enjoy the ride
you have nothing to hide
so just swallow your pride
and open your wallet
buy, buy, buy buy buy

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